The DJ Phantom 3 – Best Drone In The Market

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  • Why it is the best drone today

Camera drones are quickly becoming a favorite for hobbyists and professionals alike. More and more people are getting in on the action and buying their own camera drone. That’s why you can now see a lot of videos with aerial shots. That is due to the increase in production of camera drones. There are a lot of good drones that you can get. Personally, I like the DJ Phantom 3 the most. This, for me is the best drone available in the market today.

The Phantom 3 is manufactured by the biggest drone producing company DJI. It is considered by many as the best choice for both the professional and the beginner level. The reason is, it produces great quality still images. The crisp and sharp images are comparable to dslr type cameras. The 23 minute flight capacity of the Phantom 3 is also already a huge upside. Some drones don’t last that long. It also has an impressive downlink range of 5 miles which is pretty high for a commercial drone. Another cool feature it has is the capability to stream 720p HD quality video to your phone or tablet in real time. That’s pretty cool right? Aside from that, it also has intelligent auto pilot features where you can set a follow, return home and waypoint mode.

Now that you have some info about the best drone in the world, you might want to have it with you from now on. Buy it in the same way you purchase these supplements at iherb, only this time your codes come in the form of reviews that highlight the best of what DJ Phantom 3 has to offer for your photography.

I like the DJ Phantom 3 the most because it gives the best value for your money. Not only does it provide high quality videos and images, it is also a pretty impressive piece of equipment without the camera. The auto pilot feature alone is already worth your money. Compared to other Phantom models, the Phantom 3 is the most versatile drone out there today. If you are looking for one, I suggest you go get a Phantom 3.

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