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The Power of Lightroom Presets

July 22, 2016 Linda 0

What is Lightroom What can Lightroom presets do Where can I get good Lightroom presets One of the best image post processing software available in the market today is Lightroom. This software was developed by Adobe, the same makers of Photoshop. Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom specializes more on non-destructive edits and retouches. It doesn’t have the same capabilities as Photshop. Think of it as a much more streamlined version of Photoshop. Aside from it being an editing software, Lightroom is also great for organizing your photos making it available in your computer, your mobile device or on the web, for easy access. It is truly a mobile library of your photos. Now let us talk about presets. In Lightroom, you can utilize a feature called Presets to set an image or a set of images in a specific effect according to the preset you selected. The good thing about Lightroom presets is that you can make one of your own and expert and even sell it. Many preset makers are doing this. These photographers create their own presets and sell them for a certain price in order for other people to mirror the effects that they made. When you think about it, it is a wonderful way of sharing your own take about the way you edit or retouch pictures to other people. Don’t worry, not all downloadable presets are for sale. There are also free lightroom presets that you can download. These presets can help you save time when you have to edit a large number of photos. All you have to do is load the chosen preset and Lightroom will apply it to the batch of images you wish to edit. If you are looking for free Lightroom presets, a simple Google search will give you a lot of results. But you can find the best ones at Sleeklens. Their presets are done by certified professionals and are guaranteed to bring more life to your photos. Believe me, I’ve tried it.

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