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Creating Your Photoshop Action

August 24, 2016 Linda 0

Photoshop introduction How to create your Photoshop action Resources about Photoshop The best photo editor in the world is none other than Adobe Photoshop. This software was developed for use by Windows and Mac computers by none other than Adobe Systems, the same maker of Adobe PDF reader. It is the most used photo editor today that it has practically a verb. The beauty of Adobe Photoshop is that you can share your techniques through the use of a free photoshop action. A Photoshop action is a series of saved actions that when applied to an image, creates a specific effect. This feature of Photoshop has become popular for Photoshop users because it enables them to easily do a specific effect to a photo.   But how do you exactly create a Photoshop action? Here’s how. First, open your Photoshop. Then go to the Actions panel on the right side of the Photoshop window. Next, make sure to close all the default actions before starting to record what you will do. Then click the button on the upper right corner of the Actions panel and hit New Set. Make sure to save it using your name. Start recording your action by clicking on the same button and hitting New Action. A pop up window will appear. Name your action and click the Record button. To end the recording, press the Stop button below. You now have a recorded Photoshop action. To see what it does, you can press the Play button and choose how it to play it, either Accelerated or Step By Step. Now that you know how to record it, you can upload it as a free photoshop action on any site that hosts that. Or, you could also sell it if you feel confident that it is pretty good. Sites like have several downloadable photoshop actions. Aside from that, they also have Lightroom brushes and presets that you can use. It’s a pretty useful site.

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DJI Phantom – The Sleekest Camera Drone Today

August 15, 2016 Linda 0

UAV introduction DJI Phantom review Resource about drones UAVs(unmanned aerial vehicles) have become the latest gadget trend to dominate the market today. More and more people are getting in on the act. UAVs or drones are aerial devices that do not require a pilot to be physically present inside in order to operate it. It can be done remotely through a console or a smart phone using an app. It uses wifi technology in order to communicate with the controller. Most commercial drones today are being used for aerial photography simply because it is a much more practical option compared to renting out a helicopter and taking photos or videos with a DSLR camera. DJI, which many consider as the top manufacturer of camera drones has produced a lot of high quality camera drones. Among those drones is the highly touted DJI Phantom. reviewed the DJI Phantom and had these to say. Considered as one of the best quadcopters in the market today. It is highly recommended for film makers and professional photographers. Due to its simple operation, even hobbyists will certainly enjoy this drone. Although it doesn’t come with a built-in camera, it has a built-in mount for a GoPro. Great thing about that is, you can just replace your action camera with a newer one, every time something better comes along without having to replace your drone as well. It has an auto landing feature which can be done by programming the GPS to land at a certain location. Easy assembly is also one of its redeeming features. Anybody can use it, even children. reviewed the DJI Phantom and found it more than suitable for any kind of user, whether they are hobbyists or professionals. provides other resources about drones. Aside from in depth reviews, they also provide tips and tutorials about quadcopters.

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The Importance of Sending Birth Announcement Cards

July 25, 2016 Linda 0

Are you ready and excited to proudly announce that you’re having a child? You can make the declaration unique by making a unique birth announcement cards. The Importance of Sending Birth Announcement Cards Are you ready and excited to proudly announce that you’re having a child? Well, if yes, you can make the declaration unique by making a unique birth announcement cards. The greatest thing about making your own announcement cards is that it there is no wrong or bad ways of spreading the good news to all the relatives, friends and loved ones. However, to make it extra special, you really have to prepare for it such as looking for the best announcements for births cards template online or create it manually. To whom we should send these birth announcement cards? These birth announcement cards are initially made by parents that are pretty excited with the coming of their child. These cards are being sent to the parent’s family, relatives, friends, neighbors and other loved ones. When should birth announcement cards be sent out? Ideally, announcement cards for births should be sent out months or weeks ahead prior to the date of birth. So to help you save a lot of time and effort, expert suggests that you consider downloading or purchasing birth announcement card templates or ready-made cards ahead of time so that once the baby comes out, the people around the parents are aware about the baby’s information such as name, weight or place of birth. What information should you add in to the birth announcement cards? There’s no specific design, logo, font or format in making these cards. It’s up to the parents to decide what theme or template to use in making it. It is also up to them what information to include to the announcement cards but ideally, it should include basic child’s information such as baby’s name, birth date, time and location of birth and more.

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The Power of Lightroom Presets

July 22, 2016 Linda 0

What is Lightroom What can Lightroom presets do Where can I get good Lightroom presets One of the best image post processing software available in the market today is Lightroom. This software was developed by Adobe, the same makers of Photoshop. Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom specializes more on non-destructive edits and retouches. It doesn’t have the same capabilities as Photshop. Think of it as a much more streamlined version of Photoshop. Aside from it being an editing software, Lightroom is also great for organizing your photos making it available in your computer, your mobile device or on the web, for easy access. It is truly a mobile library of your photos. Now let us talk about presets. In Lightroom, you can utilize a feature called Presets to set an image or a set of images in a specific effect according to the preset you selected. The good thing about Lightroom presets is that you can make one of your own and expert and even sell it. Many preset makers are doing this. These photographers create their own presets and sell them for a certain price in order for other people to mirror the effects that they made. When you think about it, it is a wonderful way of sharing your own take about the way you edit or retouch pictures to other people. Don’t worry, not all downloadable presets are for sale. There are also free lightroom presets that you can download. These presets can help you save time when you have to edit a large number of photos. All you have to do is load the chosen preset and Lightroom will apply it to the batch of images you wish to edit. If you are looking for free Lightroom presets, a simple Google search will give you a lot of results. But you can find the best ones at Sleeklens. Their presets are done by certified professionals and are guaranteed to bring more life to your photos. Believe me, I’ve tried it.

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Photo Actions by Sleeklens

July 22, 2016 Linda 0

Photography tools to use for your images via An online photography shop that offers 12 free actions with the same quality as with paid Photopshop actions Easy installation of photo editing apps There are Photoshop Actions developed by that are free. Yes, they are free tools so that ordinary users can still enjoy the benefits of having these Photoshop Actions when editing photos. These free Photoshop Actions developed by come in 12 premium starter pack. You don’t need to worry about its quality, though, because this pack is built with the same elements with that of paid actions. And these actions are compatible with most Photoshop applications like CS5 or CS6, and that it works with both JPEG and RAW images. This is what makes Sleeklens so popular with photo enthusiasts, because it never fails to deliver enhanced photos despite having a “free” tag. You can still get the same amount of quality comparable to that of paid actions or presets. So it is safe to say that Photoshop Actions developed by are on a league of its own. This app levels the playing field, so to speak, when it comes to photo editing, but the output is not at all shabby, instead you get photos that are professionally enhanced. What a privilege, really, to have these Photoshop actions with you, they make you look good. You can easily make adjustments with these Photoshop Actions developed by, and there is an installation instruction that you can download as soon as you start tinkering with it. So these Photoshop Actions developed by are the only photo solutions that you need from now on. Their paid and free Photoshop actions speak for itself, these are quality tools that bring out the best of your photo images.

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The DJ Phantom 3 – Best Drone In The Market

July 21, 2016 Linda 0

Drones introduction DJ Phantom 3 features Why it is the best drone today Camera drones are quickly becoming a favorite for hobbyists and professionals alike. More and more people are getting in on the action and buying their own camera drone. That’s why you can now see a lot of videos with aerial shots. That is due to the increase in production of camera drones. There are a lot of good drones that you can get. Personally, I like the DJ Phantom 3 the most. This, for me is the best drone available in the market today. The Phantom 3 is manufactured by the biggest drone producing company DJI. It is considered by many as the best choice for both the professional and the beginner level. The reason is, it produces great quality still images. The crisp and sharp images are comparable to dslr type cameras. The 23 minute flight capacity of the Phantom 3 is also already a huge upside. Some drones don’t last that long. It also has an impressive downlink range of 5 miles which is pretty high for a commercial drone. Another cool feature it has is the capability to stream 720p HD quality video to your phone or tablet in real time. That’s pretty cool right? Aside from that, it also has intelligent auto pilot features where you can set a follow, return home and waypoint mode. I like the DJ Phantom 3 the most because it gives the best value for your money. Not only does it provide high quality videos and images, it is also a pretty impressive piece of equipment without the camera. The auto pilot feature alone is already worth your money. Compared to other Phantom models, the Phantom 3 is the most versatile drone out there today. If you are looking for one, I suggest you go get a Phantom 3.

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The Difference of Dashboard and Action Cameras Explained

July 13, 2016 Linda 0

What is the difference between dashboard and action camera? Why do people prefer using it instead of the big and ordinary digital cameras? Amateurs are striving to get the best answer for these questions. I bet you’ve seen a lot of traffic fights and other caught on camera events. Have you ever though how did these videos were taken? With today’s era, drivers can now easily install dashboard cameras in their car to record near accidents, events and happenings around it. On the other hand, you’ve also seen a lot of images taken from an extreme sports event. These images were taken using an action camera. The questions here are, what is the difference between dashboard and action camera and why do people prefer using it instead of the big and ordinary digital cameras? Amateurs are striving to get the best answer for these questions and that’s why in this article we will help you understand the difference between these two useful cameras and why you should buy the best action cam 2016. Basically, both cameras are small but dashboard cameras can only be mounted on the car’s windshield or in the rear view mirror, while action cameras can be mounted anywhere; mountain bikes, helmets, monopod and more. Also, the two cameras can record videos, but the thing here is, dashboard cameras can only record one straight view while users can turn and control the action camera freely. Dashboard cameras will never ever run out of memory, I guess that will always be the biggest advantage of dash cam since it has the auto looping technology wherein it is capable to overwrite new footage when the memory card is full. Unlike action cameras, wherein you need to have a lot of extra memory cards for you to store your images and videos. Moreover, these two have no major differences at all; action cameras can be used as dash cam too since the size of it is very flexible.


War Veterans

June 18, 2014 Linda 0

War Veterans of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 “You remember us for only two or three days a year. The rest of our time is spent on this floor in turmoil and illness” – said Mojai, a veteran of the war of independence of Bangladesh, now a resident of the rehabilitation centre for war veterans. Before the war, the lives of many people in Bangladesh had been based on dependence and ignorance. Ironically, those who fought the Pakistani Army to change this scenario have now become dependent and highly ignored. During the nine months of war in 1971, after which Bangladesh separated from Pakistan, three million people lost their lives. Thousands of soldiers and civilians lost arms and legs. The injured and disabled freedom fighters have still not been properly rehabilitated. They are ignored by the nation at large and hidden away from mainstream society, their lives stretching ahead — friendless, jobless, and lonely. The younger generation has no notion of what happened during war in 1971, nor are interested in learning about it. Most of them don’t even how many people senselessly killed, or how many women were raped during those nine months. They don’t know how many freedom fighters are still alive—helplessly counting their days to death. Perhaps, in time, the mass population will decide to honor the war veterans properly. However, the true heroes of our liberation might not be able to wait that long, as their days are numbered. This photo essay portrays the lives of the remaining war veterans and will increase the public’s awareness of the degradation we are causing by neglecting the heroes of our liberation.


Death Traps: Tales of a Mega Community

April 5, 2014 Linda 0

Fire is an ever present death threat for the entire community of Dhaka city. From homes and workplaces to shopping malls and public spaces, a lack of building codes and fire protection have created a situation where residents are living in a continual death trap. And due to lack of training and proper rescue equipment for the fire service authority, fire accidents are responsible for the destruction of assets and homes as well as lives. The widespread lack of equipment and protection means fire deaths affect nearly everyone, from working class to middle class, and even the elites. But for poor people living in slums of Dhaka city, fire creates even more havoc, among some of the capital’s most vulnerable people. Unlike their middle class neighbours, slum dwellers have no bank accounts where a lifetime’s savings are kept away or safety lockers for emergency survival after a short circuit or burning stove catches alight. As slum dweller Morjina Begum said: “I had 3,000 taka (about 44 USD) to spend at my daughter’s wedding, but after the fire all got burnt and I could not recover it.” With little or no support after fire accidents, slum dwellers live under the open skies and live on hand to mouth. Likewise, workers in the textiles industries also suffer disproportionately due to fire risks caused by inadequate safety procedures or facilities. Just recently, 21 workers were killed following a fire at the Garib and Garib sweater factory, in the southern district of Gazipur. A post fire inspection of 4,500 of the country’s garment factories recently found 60 percent had inadequate firefighting equipment. Many factories have no battery-powered emergency lighting. As a result, the building is plunged into darkness when fire occurs, intensifying the chaos and panic of those trapped inside. ‘After completion of our night-duty the factory authorities usually lock all the doors, so we couldn’t flee even after hearing the repeated fire alarm,’ said Hanufa Banu, a worker of the sewing section. Death is continually around the corner in this industry. I have been documenting the important issue of fire risks faced by residents of Dhaka for the last couple of years. Through my work, I have seen civilians risking their lives to save others in rescue operations. Firefighters with lack of training and proper rescue equipment are also part of the rescue operation, bringing injured and panicked victims of fire to safety. I believe my photo essay will raise awareness, and hope that it will act as a catalyst for the authorities to take prompt action to save the life and property of an entire community. I hope it will help the policy makers and administrations to consider how Dhaka city has become the ‘second worst’ livable city in the world. I want to show how reversing the trend of inefficiency and neglect by the authorities can help bring an end to the needless loss of many lives in the peaceful, beautiful city of Dhaka.


On the front line of Climate Change

February 3, 2014 Linda 0

Nature has never made it easy to live in Bangladesh. The country is situated in the low-lying Ganges Delta, formed by the confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers, and most of it is less than 10 meters above sea level. It is a country swamped by annual floods, with a coast battered by cyclones and tornadoes, yet an interior at times subject to drought. With nearly 150 million inhabitants, Bangladesh is also the most densely populated country on earth. As warnings about climate change grow in intensity, Bangladesh is forecast as the scene of increasing numbers of climate refugees. In low-lying areas it is not unusual to be knee-deep in water in flood season – some local crops, such as rice, depend on rising waters. But floods are becoming more extreme and unpredictable. Crops have been totally destroyed, livestock lost. Houses made from bamboo, straw and corrugated iron – made to be portable when the floods come – have been totally washed away. People have been forced to tear down their houses and move dozens of times as waters rise ever higher, and they return when waters recede to find their former land has gone completely. People are having to crowd onto less and less land, and disputes are developing. Local sea levels in Bangladesh do appear to be rising, and summer temperatures climbing. People in some coastal areas have already switched from rice crops to farming prawns, as their paddies turned too salty. The weather seems to be growing more extreme and erratic. In 2004, tides in the estuaries stopped ebbing and flowing – the water simply stayed at high-tide level. In 2005, the country had no winter, with serious consequences for its potato crop. The direction of the monsoon has changed – it now advances west instead of north across the country. In the northwest, the monsoon failed entirely in 2006, causing severe drought, and 2007 saw a tornado occur months out of season. As yet, there have not been sufficient in-depth studies to prove that these phenomena are a direct result of global warning, but they do indicate the effect that climate change would have on Bangladesh. A country where many people have never driven a car, run an air-conditioner, or done much at all to increase carbon emissions, could well end up fighting climate change on the front line.

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